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Entomological Services, Inc. provides environmentally friendly and economically responsible  pest management solutions for many of California's most successful subtropical fruit growers.  When maximizing nature's best defenses through preservation and/or augmentation of beneficial organisms, pesticide usage may be substantially reduced.

California's citrus and avocado growers have been using predator and parasite releases in pest management for several decades. Many of these practices have been successfully used in other crops.  As public demand for reduced pesticide usage and the burden of increased environmental regulations grows, we are prepared. 

Working with researchers from both the University of California and the chemical manufacturers, we are able to observe directly the influences a new pesticide or practice may have on the farm system as a whole.  This knowledge, along with a careful monitoring program allows for the elimination of unnecessary treatments.

Sustainability in California agriculture must be profitable.  While most growers would agree that 100% synthetic inputs are not sustainable, not every farm site can survive going organic.  Most crop sites will maximize profit somewhere in between.  We have the expertise to find that spot.  Entomological Services, Inc. is prepared to help growers succeed using biological control along with sustainable, responsible chemical pesticide use.
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